"For the Love of Food and Travel"

"We are passionate about travel and exceptional cuisine, but what truly ignites our hearts is the discovery of exquisite food during our adventures." – Shasta Fase and Cory DeLong

In 2008, Shasta Fase and Cory DeLong bid farewell to their corporate careers to embark on a journey around the globe. It was amidst the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany, Italy, that they found themselves most at home. Enveloped in tasting rooms brimming with robust extra virgin olive oils and the indulgent flavors of balsamic vinegars, they knew they had stumbled upon a culinary experience worth sharing. Thus, the concept for Old World Olive Press, now Old World Olive Co., was born.

Their inaugural store opened its doors in Rockford, MI in 2009, receiving overwhelming acclaim. Buoyed by this success, they unveiled a second location in Plymouth, MI in June 2010. The year 2011 saw the launch of their first downtown Grand Rapids store, housed within the historic Flat Iron building, with a subsequent downtown location opening in 2013 at the new Grand Rapids Downtown Market.

Stepping into any of the Old World Olive Co. store locations, one is instantly transported to a bygone era. Shasta and Cory's vision and dedication to enhancing culinary experiences in every household and restaurant have become a reality. With over 50 authentic flavors of pure extra virgin olive oils and premium balsamic vinegars adorning their tasting rooms, it becomes evident that there is a taste sensation awaiting every palate.

"We believe our customers are not only health-conscious but also seek a superior culinary experience. Our aim is to consistently offer only the finest quality, healthiest products. We are committed to ensuring that only the freshest oils and balsamic vinegars grace our shelves." To achieve this, Shasta and Cory collaborate with artisanal farms worldwide, selecting only the finest produce harvested at the peak of ripeness, using traditional, cold-press, first-press methods.

We invite you to savor firsthand the flavors of the world and rediscover your passion for exceptional cuisine. Authenticity from the old world awaits your visit. We proudly assure you that our products epitomize the freshest, highest quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars available.

Welcome to a realm of culinary excellence. Our Best Sellers page showcases the most beloved olive oils and balsamic vinegars, cherished by discerning food enthusiasts like yourself. Immerse yourself in a collection that has captured hearts and palates alike, each bottle telling a story of exceptional taste and quality. Join our delighted customers and explore the essence of gourmet satisfaction.